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Outfits Update
« on: August 04, 2020, 07:50:59 am »
A new outfit was added to the Store today!

With Jouster, you will be ready to participate in tournaments and other competitive
activities that will allow you to prove your courage. And with Jouster Outfit the player had +12% physical damage boost.
Now also all addons from outfits will have bonus when player has complete full addons.
And in addition to this new outfit, other bonuses have also been added to other outfits. They are:

Beggar outfits on killing a creature, you have a chance to restore health equal to 5% of its maximum.
Owl Keeper outfits 5% chance to reduces 50% enemy magic level skills with weapon attacks.
Philosopher outfits 5% chance to reduces 50% enemy skills weapon attacks.
Trailblazer outfits 15% chance to burn an enemy with weapon attacks.
Recruiter outfit +40 tibia coins bonus when using the guild coins command. - (To leader and more 4 members).
Sea Dog outfit 15% chance to drunk an enemy with weapon attacks.
Jouster Outfits +12% physical damage boost. - (knights only)
Guidon Outfits +30% skills bonus training with exercise weapons.
Herder Outfits can convince up to 10 creatures at the same time.
Grove Keeper Outfits +15% earth damage boost.
Discoverer outfits +10% extra experience get by killing any monster.
Battle Mage Outfit 15% chance to inflict wound an enemy with weapon attacks.
Dragon Slayer +20% protection against any damage.

To find out about these and other outfits visit the page
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