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Update New Quivers
« on: July 23, 2020, 12:22:00 pm »
To the next server save 9 new quivers were added to the server reaching a total of 14 quivers, all of which are possible to obtain within the game completely free, through Npc's, Monsters or by exchanging your Tournaments Points. You can see the complete list of quivers and where to get them through this topic on the forum:

  • Deadly Quiver
  • Majestic Quiver
  • Prismatic Quiver
  • Fiery Quiver
  • Strong Quiver
  • Furred leather quiver
  • Ornamented Quiver
  • Dragon Quiver
  • Imperial Quiver
Note: the items on this list may change without notice, if you notice any difference please check the forum!
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