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Global Quests
« on: June 09, 2020, 04:58:10 pm »
What are?
Quests are missions in which a player or several players solve puzzles to receive a reward, most quests have the challenge of killing some creatures. To complete some you need to have a minimum level.
They have several purposes, including earning some money, receiving an item, gaining access to an area or simply for fun.
How do I start one?
There are 2 types of quests, some are simply hidden in caves, and you may need to solve a puzzle or kill a creature to get to the reward.
Others you can start by talking to an NPC, usually speaking mission.
List of Quests
Some Mainland quests have a "maximum level" to be taken and done. In some cases it is possible to do these quests, but in return you will not have the right to get a reward. If you want the reward, it is best to do these quests as early as possible.
Mainland Quests
The quests marked with means that it exists on the server.
And the ones that are marked with means that it does not exist on the server or is incomplete.

NOTE: all quests that exist on the server are based on information from tibia wiki br, so it is recommended to follow the spoliers of

Edron City Quest
Measuring Tibia Quest
Meriana Rebels: Pirates Quest
Paw and Fur - Hunting Elite Quest
Sandals Quest
Silver Amulet Quest
Adorned UH Rune Quest
Alawar's Vault Quest
An Uneasy Alliance Quest
Arito's Task Quest
Banuta's Secret Tunnel Quest
Barbarian Arena Quest
Barbarian Axe Quest
Barbarian Test Quest
Battle Axe Quest
Berserk Potion Quest
Berserker Treasure Quest
Blood Herb Quest
Braindeath Quest
Bullseye Potion Quest
Cartography 101 Quest
Children of the Revolution Quest
Cults of Tibia Quest
Dark Armor Quest
Dark Helmet Quest
Dark Trails Quest
Dead Archer Quest
Double Hero Quest
Dragon Tower Quest
Dreamer's Challenge Quest
Edron Goblin Quest
Eleonore Quest
Elephant Tusk Quest
Elvenbane Quest
Emperor's Cookies Quest
Explorer Brooch Quest
Fanfare Quest
Fishing Box Quest
Forgotten Knowledge Quest
Formorgar Mine Hoist Quest
Formorgar Mine Quest
Frost Dragon Quest
Geomancer Quest
Ghoul Room Quest
Giant Smithhammer Quest
Glooth Glider Quest
Goblin Merchant Quest
Grimvale Quest
Heart of Destruction Quest
Heaven Blossom Quest
Hero of Rathleton Quest
Hidden Threats Quest   
Hunting for Tokens Quest
Hydra Egg Quest
Inukaya Quest
Iron Hammer Quest
Iron Helmet Quest
Iron Ore Quest
Isle of the Mists Quest
Kilmaresh Quest
Kingdom of Kormarak Quest
Krailos Quest
Life Ring Quest
Lion's Rock Quest
Lion Trophy Quest
Liquid Black Quest
Longsword Quest
Mastermind Potion Quest
Medusa Black Pearls Quest
Meriana Quest
Minotaur Leather Quest
Mintwallin Cyclops Quest
Nomads Land Quest
Oramond Quest
Orc Shaman Quest
Ornamented Shield Quest
Panpipe Quest
Parchment Room Quest
Pilgrimage of Ashes Quest
Plate Armor Quest
Poison Daggers Quest
Power Bolts Quest
Power Ring Quest
Rathleton Quest
Rest in Hallowed Ground Quest
Roshamuul (Lower Roshamuul) Quest
Roshamuul Quest
Rottin Wood and the Married Men Quest
Sam's Old Backpack Quest
Royal Rescue Quest
Scale Armor Quest
Searoutes around Yalahar Quest
Serpentine Tower Quest
Shaman Treasure Quest
Silver Brooch Quest
Six Rubies Quest
Skeleton Decoration Quest
Skull of Ratha Quest
Spike Sword Quest
Steal From Thieves Quest
Stealth Ring Quest
Steel Helmet Quest
Thais Lighthouse Quest
The Ape City Quest
The Curse Spreads Quest
The Cursed Crystal Quest
The Explorer Society Quest
The Exterminator Quest
The Great Dragon Hunt Quest
The Hidden City of Beregar Quest
The Ice Islands Quest
The Lost Brother Quest
The New Frontier Quest
The Postman Missions Quest
The Repenters Quest
The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest
The Spirit Will Get You Quest
The Tainted Souls Quest
The Thieves Guild Quest
The Travelling Trader Quest
The Ultimate Booze Quest
The White Raven Monastery Quest
Threatened Dreams Quest
Throwing Star Quest
Time Ring Quest
Tinder Box Quest
To Blind the Enemy Quest
To Outfox a Fox Quest
Tomes of Knowledge Quest
Top of the City Quest
Tower Defence Quest
Triangle Tower Quest
Troll Cave Quest
Turmoil of War Quest
Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea Quest
Unnatural Selection Quest
Vampire Hunter Quest
Voodoo Doll Quest
Waterfall Quest
Waterskin of Mead Quest
White Pearl Quest
A Father's Burden Quest
Jack to the Future Quest
Ring Quest
Sea of Light Quest
Spirithunters Quest
Strong Potions Quest
The Way to Yalahar Quest
Troll Sabotage Quest
Wedding Ring Quest
The Desert Dungeon Quest
Draconia Quest
Devil Helmet Quest
Griffin Shield Quest
The Paradox Tower Quest
To Appease the Mighty Quest
Circle Room Quest
Crusader Helmet Quest
Into The Bone Pit Quest
Noble Armor Quest
The Isle of Evil Quest
The Shattered Isles Quest
Treasure Hunt Quest
Voodoo Master Quest
Against the Spider Cult Quest
Blood Brothers Quest
Chayenne's Realm Quest
Darashia Dragon Quest
Koshei The Deathless Quest
Mad Mage Room Quest
Naginata Quest
Orc Fortress Quest
The Djinn War - Efreet Faction
The Djinn War - Marid Faction
What a Foolish Quest
The Outlaw Camp Quest
An Interest In Botany Quest
Black Knight Quest
Deeper Fibula Quest
Machinery of War Quest
Secret Service Quest
The Efreet: Blue Djinns Quest
The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest
The Marid: Green Djinns Quest
Crystal Wand Quest
Fire Axe Quest
Kissing a Pig Quest
Lugri: Necromancers and Priestesses Quest
Medusa Shield Quest
Purple Tome Quest
Swan Feather Cloak Quest
The Queen of the Banshees Quest
The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest
Vampire Shield Quest
Shadows of Yalahar Quest
The Ancient Tombs Quest
Behemoth Quest
Bigfoot's Burden Quest
In Service of Yalahar Quest
The Elemental Spheres Quest
The Pits of Inferno Quest
Wrath of the Emperor Quest
Dangerous Depths Quest
Demon Helmet Quest
The Annihilator Quest
The Inquisition Quest
The Demon Oak Quest
Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest
Mysterious Ornate Chest Quest
Feaster of Souls Quest
The Order of the Cobra Quest
Grave Danger Quest
The Dream Courts Quest
The Secret Library Quest

NOTE: all quests that exist on the server are based on information from tibia wiki br, so it is recommended to follow the spoliers of
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