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Guild Information

The guild was founded on Underground on 5 July 2020.
Mael is the owner of Brotherhood.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
The Leader Aka CrisAlchemist 319Offline
Aka TribalAlchemist 1032Offline
Aka TwistedSniper 783Offline
Kill MeGladiator 757Offline
MaelSniper 750Online
Vice-Leader Aka McloudSniper 639Offline
BlasterNinja 359Offline
CacheroAlchemist 1082Offline
KingslayerGladiator 842Offline
Vampire SoulSniper 670Offline
Bloodbrother AhriSniper 686Online
Aka JechuyNinja 355Online
Aka MadmaxElder Druid 126Offline
Aka NanoBiochemist 677Offline
Aka VronAlchemist 400Offline
Aka WarwickNinja 626Online
Alekz DuranSniper 162Online
Alex MaguitoElder Druid 459Offline
AltriiusDruid 8Offline
Alvi RizkyBiochemist 702Online
AnarchyNinja 633Offline
Asesino BrutalNinja 313Offline
Better KillerSniper 500Offline
Boa HancockNinja 627Online
BowenGladiator 390Offline
Captain TharksAlchemist 946Online
CevikGladiator 520Offline
ChalaSniper 540Offline
DarkNinja 166Offline
Dark GhostNinja 837Online
DeadmausGladiator 510Offline
Dino MauBiochemist 648Offline
DonatelloNinja 486Online
DulackSniper 701Offline
DuraznoNinja 513Online
El BananeroAlchemist 635Offline
El DuroBiochemist 472Offline
Enter SandmanGladiator 553Online
FiguinNinja 652Offline
Freak HardBiochemist 129Offline
FresitasGladiator 329Online
GeepetaNinja 254Offline
GoracaAlchemist 259Offline
HaloAlchemist 854Online
HellionBiochemist 147Offline
HikaruNinja 584Offline
Jake VatzeAlchemist 270Offline
Jane DoeSniper 420Offline
KaitronNinja 663Online
Kina'lordKnight 8Offline
Klaus NomiSniper 231Offline
Lake Of FireBiochemist 940Offline
LaurelesNinja 275Online
Mago MekitoAlchemist 201Offline
MeraxesSniper 397Offline
NeymiAlchemist 591Online
NigromanteNinja 243Offline
Ninja DiamanteAssassin 227Offline
Ninja OroNinja 292Offline
Ninja PlataAssassin 180Offline
PolarisGladiator 913Offline
Rompe CulosElite Knight 416Offline
Rosa MeltrozoAlchemist 251Offline
Rosa MetrozoteNinja 518Offline
RuruNinja 679Offline
ShadowBiochemist 688Offline
ShesmanGladiator 218Offline
Silvan WiltordNinja 360Offline
Skeletin ThiefNinja 600Offline
StrodeNinja 317Offline
TartarosSniper 382Offline
Tommy LeeAlchemist 525Offline
TorbeNinja 687Online
TyrantAlchemist 492Offline
Ultra VectronAlchemist 661Offline
Uruguayo PaGladiator 268Offline
Vali LerusGladiator 198Offline
VizceraSniper 609Online
Vucuv CaquixBiochemist 344Offline
Warper ManPaladin 8Offline
WofooGladiator 578Offline
XwingNinja 228Offline
ZabuzaNinja 519Offline

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