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Guild Information

The guild was founded on Underground on 5 July 2020.
Mael is the owner of Brotherhood.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
The Leader Aka Tribal Alchemist 1099 Offline
Aka Twisted Sniper 804 Offline
Kill Me Gladiator 910 Offline
Mael Sniper 1005 Offline
Neymi Alchemist 882 Offline
Vice-Leader Aka Mcloud Sniper 639 Offline
Cachero Alchemist 1253 Offline
Captain Tharks Alchemist 1051 Offline
Crizz Sniper 718 Offline
Kingslayer Gladiator 930 Offline
Bloodbrother Abyss Ninja 155 Offline
Ahri Sniper 814 Offline
Aka Cris Alchemist 319 Offline
Aka Cross Sniper 281 Offline
Aka Jechuy Ninja 355 Offline
Aka Madmax Elder Druid 126 Offline
Aka Nano Biochemist 667 Offline
Aka Vron Alchemist 464 Offline
Aka Warwick Ninja 706 Offline
Aka Wirox Ninja 660 Offline
Alekz Duran Sniper 175 Offline
Alex Maguito Elder Druid 459 Offline
Anarchy Ninja 613 Offline
Argus Sniper 573 Offline
Ariday Alchemist 378 Offline
Asesino Brutal Ninja 331 Offline
Asylum Alchemist 191 Offline
Ayoros Royal Paladin 142 Offline
Better Killer Sniper 500 Offline
Bishop Sniper 698 Offline
Blaster Ninja 359 Offline
Boa Hancock Ninja 743 Offline
Bob Swagger Sniper 315 Offline
Bowen Gladiator 519 Offline
Cevik Gladiator 524 Offline
Char Imbu Ninja 233 Online
Chris Ninja 454 Offline
Dark Ninja 166 Offline
Deadmaus Gladiator 583 Offline
Dino Mau Biochemist 702 Offline
Disabled Alchemist 122 Offline
Doble Ninja 510 Online
Donatello Ninja 550 Offline
Druid Vectron Biochemist 264 Offline
Dulack Sniper 750 Offline
Durazno Ninja 673 Offline
El Bananero Alchemist 763 Offline
El Duro Biochemist 786 Offline
Enabled Alchemist 294 Offline
Enter Sandman Gladiator 745 Offline
Excelent Kenny Ninja 637 Offline
Farmer One Alchemist 518 Offline
Fckinblocker Elite Knight 21 Offline
Figuin Ninja 654 Offline
Forte Alchemist 128 Offline
Freak Hard Biochemist 129 Offline
Halo Alchemist 894 Offline
Hellion Biochemist 205 Offline
Jake Vatze Alchemist 621 Offline
Jane Doe Sniper 919 Online
Kaitron Ninja 790 Online
Kia Biochemist 162 Offline
Klaus Nomi Sniper 231 Offline
Knight Vectron Gladiator 453 Offline
Lake Of Fire Biochemist 1144 Offline
Lanzelot Gladiator 211 Offline
Lar King Biochemist 272 Offline
Laureles Ninja 313 Offline
Maggiemcgill Alchemist 369 Offline
Mago Mekito Alchemist 201 Offline
Maskatesta Gladiator 303 Offline
Megatron Ninja 154 Online
Meraxes Sniper 590 Offline
Mustaine Ninja 232 Offline
My Sweet Ninja 380 Offline
Mylo Ninja 528 Offline
Nigromante Ninja 243 Offline
Ninja Diamante Assassin 227 Offline
Ninja Oro Ninja 292 Offline
Ninja Plata Assassin 180 Offline
Osama Alchemist 517 Offline
Polaris Gladiator 936 Offline
Rompe Culos Elite Knight 416 Offline
Rosa Metrozote Ninja 518 Offline
Ruru Ninja 790 Offline
Shadow Biochemist 790 Offline
Silvan Wiltord Ninja 359 Offline
Skeletin Thief Ninja 608 Offline
Smokey Alchemist 514 Offline
Snipe Sniper 500 Offline
Soulslayer Sniper 520 Offline
Strode Ninja 317 Offline
Tartaros Sniper 382 Offline
Torbe Ninja 737 Offline
Tripida Biochemist 725 Offline
Tyrant Alchemist 492 Offline
Ultra Vectron Alchemist 691 Offline
Ultron Ninja 193 Online
Uruguayo Pa Gladiator 277 Offline
Vali Lerus Gladiator 198 Offline
Vizcera Sniper 828 Offline
Vucuv Caquix Biochemist 344 Offline
Wofoo Gladiator 689 Offline
Xwing Ninja 239 Offline
Zorra Alchemist 493 Offline

Invited Characters
Name Vocation Level Status
Gangplank Assassin 436 Offline

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Players: 90
Uptime: 6h 57m
IP: unline.world
Port: 7171
Version: 12.20

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