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29.10.2020Fixed the respaw of the final boss of the Cults of Tibia Quest, where players were able to summon more than 1 boss at the same time
29.10.2020Battlefield has been added again, but there will be no bag you desire as a reward and AOE spells have been activated within the event
28.10.2020Battlefield tournament was removed from the server
28.10.2020Pets and AOE spells are no longer allowed in the Battlefiend tournament, and now there are two times of the event, one at 19:00 PM and 23:00 PM Brazil
26.10.2020Removed the delay to equip equipments
24.10.2020Fixed the entry check for Abodes of Torment
22.10.2020Fixed the portal for boss The Sandking of Cults Tibia quest
20.10.2020Fixed the portal for the final boss of The secret Library Quest
19.10.2020Fixed fee charge to create market offer
18.10.2020Horned Helmet was added to the list of imbuiments
17.10.2020Fixed conversations with Npc Gregor for the Knight outfit quest
15.10.2020Fixed time when breaking the Canopic Jar in The Ape City Quest from 2 minutes to 5 minutes
14.10.2020Mammoth's body was fixed
14.10.2020The time of magic wall and wild growth work like Tibia RL

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