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When does the event happen?
Battlefield is automatic and happens every day from 23:00 hours, when it's time the Tournament Room levers can be used and you will be teleported to the Waiting Room.

How it works?

If you die you will not lose level, skills or items in the event.
The players are randomly divided into 2 teams the Red Team and the Blue Team, when starting the event all players will be teleported in random locations and every 10 minutes the arena will be changed, for the team to win the event, they must kill all players on the opposing team. Everyone will have 5 lives, finishing they will be eliminated from the tournament, the event lasts 1 hour in the event of a tie or if someone is still alive from the other team, no one will receive rewards.
This event has 4 modalities: Any level Free to join, Any level Join fee: 600,000 gps, Level 350+ Free to join and Level 250+ Join fee: 300,000.

Every 1 minute, 1 of these 4 types of power ups will appear during tournaments.

Red Vortex - increases chance and damage critical skills by 100%.

Green Vortex - increases your speed walk by 100%.

Purple Vortex - kills everyone on your screen in just 1 hit.

Blue Vortex - adds 100% protection against any damage.
To get these bonuses just jump on top of these vortexes and the bonus have 5 minutes duration.
Note¹: Unable to login with multi-client at event.
Note²: Within the tournament you will not be able to change your outfit or color so choose before.

What are the awards?
Img Name Description
1 Bag You Desire
1 Bag You Desire (20% chance that 1 of the winning team member will win this rare item)
20 Tournament Coins
20 Tournament coins(All Survivors of the winning team)
With tournament coins you can trade with Npc David for special bonuses or items.
100 Tibia Coins
100 Tibia coins(All Survivors of the winning team)

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